What is Husk & Honey

Husk & Honey is a premium granola bakery in London, serving the retail and wholesale sectors with oven-fresh, delicious and aromatic granolas, created to celebrate the grains. 


How are you different from other granolas?

Husk & Honey granola tastes different from other granolas, it is freshly baked and we use the best ingredients to get the best bakes. We use high-quality natural ingredients with a perfect balance of aromatic, delicious and nutritionally optimum granolas. 

Where can we find your bakery?

We are lucky to have our bakery in the heart of Spa Terminus Market. Spa Terminus is an area for food production and distribution in which like-minded businesses can grow and develop with the security of long-term tenure. In this corner of Bermondsey, which has had a rich history in food production and wholesaling, Spa Terminus has taken a section of railway arches and has worked with Network Rail and Southwark Council to restore the area to an industrious manufacturing base supplying food destinations throughout London and the UK.

In addition to the weekday wholesale business, many producers open their sites on Saturday mornings to retail customers.


Do you make the products yourself?

Yes, of course, all our products are carefully handmade at our bakery in Spa Terminus, Bermondsey.


Do your products contain nuts?

Some of our granolas are nut-free, however as all our granolas are made in the same bakery and our nut-free blends may contain traces of nuts. 


Are your products gluten-free?

All our granola’s are gluten and wheat-free, made with gluten-free oats. However, there are some ingredients used in the bakery that contain gluten that our blends might come into contact with during the process.


Do your products have refined sugar?

No, all our products are refined sugar-free made with 100% natural ingredients.


Are your products organic?

Our granola is not certified organic, however, we use the highest quality ingredients we can find. We source our grains with a focus on provenance and select our nuts, seeds and fruit for flavour as it is our belief that the best foods begin with excellent ingredients.


Do you ship overseas?

For any overseas enquiries please get in touch at info@huskandhoney.co.uk


When are you open?

Due to Covid-19 we have changed our opening hours; we are open Wednesday-Friday, 11-2pm and 9-3 Saturday. Please bear in mind, we are a functioning bakery and warehouse and as such we are not a shop so please note we may be in production when you arrive. 


How long will your granola usually last?

If the pouch is sealed or stored in an airtight container at room temperature, it will last for 12 weeks.


What’s the best way of storing it?

The best way of keeping our granola fresh is by storing it in an air-tight jar. Our pillow bags can also be stored in the freezer for extended shelf life- just take it out and defrost when you’re ready to eat!


Do you make anything else other than granola?

At our bakery, you can often find our famous Anzac biscuits, porridges and the occasional banana muffin. Recently, we have also been selling bread from the Snapery, cordial from Urban Cordial, nut butter from Nut Butter co. We, unfortunately, don’t sell these online at the moment but you can pick this up in-store (subject to availability). 


Can I order online?

Yes, you can either on our online shop or through our handy subscription service! (LINK THESE)

How does your subscription work?

You can choose from a variety of healthy, tasty granola blends. Our products are always 100% natural, wheat-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. All the flavours are carefully handcrafted by our in-house bakers, allowing you to enjoy an array of unique flavours, you won’t find in your local supermarket. Just select your box, flavours and frequency and you’re ready to go!


I want to buy this as a gift for a friend, what’s the best way of doing that?

If you are buying directly from the shop, be sure to add a gift message when selecting your flavour. If you are buying through subscription, please select the gift option at the check-out.

What are your recommended serving suggestions?

Oat & Nut: Thick yoghurt (Greek or Natural, full fat). Served with a handful of plump blackberries or light drizzle of good quality floral honey.


Quinoa & Buckwheat: coconut yoghurt topped with slices of banana, raspberries or blueberries.


Chai Spiced Mulberry: With a natural yoghurt or porridge base and stewed fruit or apple compote.