Husk & Honey is an independent bakehouse specialising in granola.

We source our grains with a focus on provenance and select our nuts, seeds and fruit for flavour as it is our belief that the best foods begin with excellent ingredients. These are blended with a touch of wildflower honey, roasted, crushed and cooled at our bakehouse in London, which is open for visits on Saturday mornings from 9am - 1.30 at Spa Terminus. From here, you can taste our full range, including limited edition blends, and purchase granolas and porridges by weight. We recommend Husk & Honey granolas to be enjoyed with natural yoghurt and berries.

Limited edition sweet and savoury granola blends are available by weight with an ever-changing menu at the bakery.

Ginger & Jujube.. Saffron & Rice.. Walnut, fig & ginger.. Orange blossom & Goji berry.. Cacao nib & Banana.. Peanut & sour cherry.. Apricot & Tahini.. Nutmeg oat brittle.. Hazelnut & Cacao.. Nut free-4 seed.. Apple, cinnamon & chunky peanut.. Pistachio & Rose.. // Wild fennel & hazelnut.. Sweet paprika & Sage.. Sun Dried Tomato.. Chilli & Cumin.. Salted Rosemary..


Signature Granola blends are always available at the bakery, online and with our stockists.                                   

Oat & Nut - The gold standard for traditional granola made with robust oats, rough chopped chunky nuts and toasted with floral honey. 
Quinoa & Buckwheat - A uniquely textured Granola made with british-grown quinoa, puffed buckwheat and chopped, roasted almonds. 
Chai Spiced Mulberry - Oat clusters enriched with an aromatic blend of chai spices and honey, studded with Persian mulberries. 

We also sell a selection of baked goods incorporating our granola, anzac biscuits and limited edition granolas by weight.